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Interview with the young CG Artist Pietro Chiovaro

Pietro Chiovaro a young 3D Artist from Palermo, Italy. He has always been a movie lover and videogames enthusiast. In the past years, he has been focusing his studies on the development and creation of assets, characters and environments. To offer a complete set of skills, he has also developed his competences in art direction, game design and direction.
Working as a freelancer, he developed deep experience in many aspects of CG production from architecture works, to VFX effects and games development.

FaceBuilder for Blender

FaceBuilder for Blender

From KeenTools the kick off an open beta for FaceBuilder for Blender! In essence, FaceBuilder is an easy-to-use and handy tool for face likeness sculpting based on several photos. It…

Me A Monster Short Movie in Blender 3D

Me, a Monster?

“Me a monster?” is a 3D short film by Most Wanted Studio and made entirely in Blender 3D. It’s the story of Nono, the only inhabitant of planet Pano.

Interviewing Dory

Interview with an Italian 3D Artist

Doriana Pompili is a 3D modeler-animator freelance and co-founder plus Graphic Designer of the blog Mellow Animazione. She graduated from the Brera Art School, and she has a Bachelor in Communication Design at the Milan Polytechnic. She is interested in animation in all its forms, from stop-motion to 3D animation.

She says: “I’m passionate about designing, drawing, and modelling creatures, environments and characters. I love to create characters from my fantasy and also try to transpose 2D concepts in 3D models”.

Blender 2.80 release

Blender 2.80 is officially available for download! The new physically based real-time renderer Eevee is fantastic.

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