ARTICLEOur Dory realized an interview with Blender Italia, the Italian community of professionals and artists who have chosen to use Blender software for their 3d creations.  Read more…

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    Create a realistic environment in Blender 3D

    Create a realistic environment in Blender 3D - Pietro Chiovaro artist

    Pietro Chiovaro a young 3D Artist from Palermo, Italy. He has always been a movie lover and videogames enthusiast. In the past years, he has been focusing his studies on the development and creation of assets, characters and environments. To offer a complete set of skills, he has also developed his competences.

    Rigging 2D Character in Blender

    Will Anderson Rigging 2D Character in Blender

    Learn how to bring a 2D vector art character into a 3D space and work with it like a pro in Blender! Scottish filmmaker and animator, Will Anderson, has recently…

    How To Sculpt An Ear In Blender

    How To Sculpt An Ear In Blender - Aram Torkan

    Interview with Aram Torkan, a 3D artist who uses Blender for sculpting. Aram has a Youtube channel where she posts tutorials every week on Sculpting and 3D ModelingAt the end…

    Rigging in Blender 3D Best Resources

    cgdive - Best Resources for Rigging in Blender 3D

    Great article by Todor Nikolov with a list of the best tutorials and courses for Rigging in Blender. Most resources are suitable for all beginners. If you are trying to get started with rigging, get ready to bookmark a lot of links to cool learning materials! 

    3D.DIVAS – Women in 3D Art

    3D.DIVAS – Women in 3D Art - Blender users

    interview with the founder of 3D.Divas. A community to support and celebrate the amazing women in 3D I was invited by the 3D Blendered Magazine to answer a few questions…

    10 Blender Tips you might not know

    NIk-Kottmann - 10 Blender Tips you might not know

    Article by Nik Kottmann of Blender Daily Like all 3d software, Blender is pretty complex and has thousands of features. No matter how long you’ve been using it, from time…

    Will Wanderson interfacing Blender 3D with Open Sound Control

    Will Anderson, a Scottish animator & filmmaker. Will has been making character-driven animated films. BAFTA-winning, in this article he talks about Blender, his recent fascination with it, and some things he is finding exciting about interfacing Blender with his work as an animator.

    Sculpting using real clay and Blender for 3D

    Carles Mondrià - Xamberga Ar Studi - Blender - 3D - Sculpting - Fallas - Falles

    According to his biography, Carles Mondrià (Xamberga Art Studi) is a freelance 2D-3D concept artist, large format sculptor, scenographer, designer of stage machinery for theatres, and painter. Carles has designed…

    Cuban 3D artists use Blender

    Cuban 3D artists use Blender - BU, the short film

    We “met” three Cuban 3D artists on Instagram. Chatting with them about their new coming movie made in Blender, we were taken by their story; and now we want to…

    Switching to Blender for Sculpting

    kevin christian muljadi - Blender 3D Sculpting

    Short interview to Kevin and the reasons why switching to Blender for Sculpting his move. Hello! My name is Kevin Christian Muljadi, and I live in Indonesia. I work as…

    Character Workflow with Blender 2.8

    Giulia-Marchetti Blender Sculpting

    We interview Giulia, a 3D artist from Chile. We discovered Giulia from her 3D characters made and the for her Blender tutorial.
    Our interested was in particular for her skills on sculpting in Blender (coming from ZBrush) and for

    Giulia’s Character Workflow with Blender. Giulia studied illustration and graphic designer. Then with her partner, a 3D animator, they set up a studio of motion graphics called MONKI

    The amazing part of running this Magazine on Blender 3D is to get to know all these 3D Artists with their stories, their talents and passions to do beautiful stuff. Sometimes, they use Blender for their job, or just for the sake to give life to an image that popped-up in their mind. Follow us on Instagram.
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