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“ROKOKO TV” Intergalactic Animation Challenge

New Frontier in 3D Animation

“ROKOKO TV” Intergalactic Animation Challenge. Seize the spotlight with your most imaginative 7-second TV moment while competing for an extraordinary prize pool filled with top-tier motion capture gear and animation tools, worth tens of thousands of dollars.

You will have another occasion to partecipate…

ROKOKO’s Intergalactic Challeng

In the ever-evolving realm of 3D animation, ROKOKO, a trailblazer in consumer motion capture and animation technology, has launched an extraordinary challenge that’s set to captivate the creative world. The “ROKOKO TV” Intergalactic Animation Challenge, with its stellar panel of judges and a whopping $40,000+ prize pool, is not just a competition; it’s a celebration of imagination and technical prowess in the 3D space.

Picture this: a panel of expert 3d creators as the judges, each with a remote in hand, eagerly flipping through an array of intergalactic TV channels. Each channel offers a mere 7 seconds to captivate, to amaze, to tell a story that’s out of this world.

Your mission? Create a glimpse into a channel so compelling, so imaginative, that it grabs their attention instantly, making them want to linger longer, to delve deeper into the universe you’ve created.

This isn’t just about animation, it’s about storytelling, creativity, concept, and the power to engage within the briefest of moments.

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