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Rigging 2D Character in Blender

Learn how to bring a 2D vector art character into a 3D space and work with it like a pro in Blender!

Scottish filmmaker and animator, Will Anderson, has recently made a 6-part online Masterclass for Motion Design School which introduces and combines Blender’s Greasepencil with rigging techniques, to go through the stages step-by-step in creating a 2D animated character in 3D space. 

Will Anderson Rigging 2D Character in Blender

What you will learn in this Rigging 2D Character in Blender Masterclass

In this course, you’ll learn the following:

  • Gain key insights and tips on how to organise your assets
  • Detailed rigging tips and tricks you can use and adapt to your own work
  • Make rigs that will make animators happy 
  • Gain simple but powerful scripting tricks to speed up your workflow
  • You’ll grasp the entire process of preparing 2D characters in a 3D space.

This basic course on Rigging 2D Character in Blender is designed for beginners! If you are brand-new to Blender we recommend watching Blender Foundation’s Blender Fundamentals playlist on their YouTube channel first here so you can navigate around the workspace easily.

Let’s get greasy!

Will Anderson Rigging 2D Character in Blender

Who is Will Anderson

BAFTA-winning Writer/Director from the Scottish Highlands. Will’s first short film ‘The Making of Longbird’ won over 30 awards internationally at film festivals & received a British Academy Award in 2013. He also works as a freelance writer, director & animator on film, television, web & interactive projects. Works of his have been broadcast & commissioned by BBC, Channel 4, AdultSwim & MTV.

Links to Will Anderson

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