Rigging 2D Character in Blender

Will Anderson Rigging 2D Character in Blender

Learn how to bring a 2D vector art character into a 3D space and work with it like a pro in Blender! Scottish filmmaker and animator, Will Anderson, has recently made a 6-part online Masterclass for Motion Design School which introduces and combines Blender’s Greasepencil with rigging techniques, to go through the stages step-by-step in creating a 2D animated character in 3D space.  What you will learn in this Rigging …

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Introduction to Geometry Nodes for Blender 3D

01 Introduction - Geometry Nodes For Beginners -Blender 3D

Welcome to another great tutorial series by Crossmind Studio about an important topic of the Blender community, which is also the latest and anticipated feature, Blender Geometry Nodes. Nodes are powerful, every major 3D programs have already a strong node-based procedural workflow, or is adapting to it. Blender’s Everything Node projects first installment is Geometry Nodes. Which is still at a very early stage of development, but can make life …

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How To Sculpt An Ear In Blender

How To Sculpt An Ear In Blender - Aram Torkan

Interview with Aram Torkan, a 3D artist who uses Blender for sculpting. Aram has a Youtube channel where she posts tutorials every week on Sculpting and 3D ModelingAt the end of the interview, you can find a Tutorial on “How to sculpt an ear in Blender 3D”. Tell us about yourself and your art My name is Aram Torkan and I was born in January 1995.Actually, I got a degree …

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My 3D grease pencil painting process in Blender

Blender 3D Grease Pencil process Workflow - 10

Hello! I’m Sophie Jantak, and I’m an illustrator. I first started using Blender to create 3D scenes that I could use as reference for my 2D drawings, never intending to make any “final” works with it. But then I started using grease pencil and I never left. Today I’ll be breaking down the process of my newest 3D grease pencil illustration: INSPIRATION I have a long history of Red Riding …

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10 Blender Tips you might not know

NIk-Kottmann - 10 Blender Tips you might not know

Like all 3d software, Blender is pretty complex and has thousands of features. No matter how long you’ve been using it, from time to time you’ll always find a new tool, shortcut or little trick that you didn’t know existed. I’ve been collecting that kind of tips for the last two years and posting them on my Instagram account Blender Daily. Here is a collection with 10 of my favourites. …

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Biomedical Visualisation with Blender 3D

Biomedical Visualisation with Blender 3D

University of Glasgow course on Coursera on “Biomedical Visualisation” with Blender 3D The University of Glasgow has recently created a free course of Biomedical Visualisation. The course uses and gives an introduction of Blender 3D. You can enrol for free, or you can also opt for the version where you can earn a Certificate upon completion. On the website, you can also find some really interesting video of 3D and VR applications on the biomedical …

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How to create Isometric scenes in Blender

How to create Isometric Scenes in Blender - techpotato - blender 3d- - article

Aditya Pathak is a 20 years old professional 3D artist and a computer science engineering student. Aditya has been into 3D designing for two and a half years completing around 20+ freelance projects so far. Aditya was introduced to 2D illustrations in one of his internships, and later then he started exploring this field and boom. He fell in love with the free 3D software and in particular making Isometric …

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Character Workflow with Blender 2.8

Giulia-Marchetti Blender Sculpting

We interview Giulia, a 3D artist from Chile. We discovered Giulia from her 3D characters made and the for her Blender tutorial.
Our interested was in particular for her skills on sculpting in Blender (coming from ZBrush) and for

Giulia’s Character Workflow with Blender. Giulia studied illustration and graphic designer. Then with her partner, a 3D animator, they set up a studio of motion graphics called MONKI