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BLENDER 3 BASICS: Intro to Blender 3.0 by CG Cookie

We often have been asked by our followers where they can start to learn Blender. CG Cookie is one of the leading digital art educators with more than 500,000 users globally. Recently they release a new FREE Course BLENDER 3 BASICS: Intro to Blender just after Blender 3.0 was out.
We think is really a good introduction.

The author Jonathan Lampel says: “Whether you’re completely new to the world of 3D graphics, switching over from another 3D Software, or a rusty returning hero from the 2.5 days, the Blender Basics will guide you through your first steps in Blender 3x. We’ll cover all of the essential features that you’ll need to know in order to build your very first project”. 

Chapter 1: Intro to Blender 3D Space 

Covers the very first things you’ll want to do in Blender, such as navigate the viewport, create and delete objects, and move objects around. 

Chapter 2: Editing Objects is all about how to customize Blender’s primitives. You’ll learn how to work quickly and precisely by using the various transformation settings and how to manipulate geometry using the most essential mesh editing tools. 

Chapter 3: The Blender Way teaches how to work with Blender projects in general, and touches on topics like managing the editors and using cameras. You’ll also explore some of the other features Blender has to offer such as lighting, sculpting, animation, and 2D drawing.

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