ARTICLEOur Dory realized an interview with Blender Italia, the Italian community of professionals and artists who have chosen to use Blender software for their 3d creations.  Read more…

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    Blender 2.83 LTS – Long Term Support

    Blender 2.83 LTS

    Blender 2.83 LTS ( Long Term Support) is out and you can download it right now.
    With this release of the 3D software many bugs have been already fixed, and further fixes are already planned and will happen in next years. This LTS version will big project a greater stability and performance.
    On top of this the latest version fo Blender comes with very great advanced features.

    A new era of young 3D artists on the horizon

    William Landgren Blender 3D

    As written on his Instagram profile, William Landgren is 13 years old from Stockholm. This fact wouldn’t be so exceptional, but William has realised a fantastic animation in Blender that many of us are still dreaming of doing. But he didn’t stop just there. He created a tutorial on Youtube, where William teaches all of us how to do it. So, amazed and curious, we ask some…

    From Pre-press & Graphic Design to 3D with Blender


    Many Blender artists come from different backgrounds, and some of them have different type of jobs simultaneously. Rob Heath is a Senior Brand Designer with AWeber. He lives in Perkasie, PA, US. He is specialized in UI/UX design, prototyping, motion design and… (obviously) 3D graphics.

    Mixing Blender and Maya in the animation studio workflow

    Tracks short by armchair productions - Blender and Maya

    Tracks, the new short by Armchair productions will be released in the next few weeks so follow along. A story of love and Tunes, music can bring us together.
    This project started when and our TD wrote a plug in for doing 3D smears in Maya, and we wanted to test our new Blender and Maya pipeline.

    When Geology met Blender 3D

    Lina Jakaite - zals kalniuks

    Today we interview Lina Jakaité. A geologist from Gargzdai in Lithuania, who loves also 3D geological modelling and all that is associated with it, maps, cross-sections, interpretations…!
    During her geology studies she was more of a carbonate rocks person, then she spent a few years working in quaternary geology (whatever this means).

    Short Movie using Blender 3D Grease Pencil

    Watchmaker At Time's End

    Great Short Movie using Grease Pencil of Blender 3d.
    “Watchmaker At Time’s End” by the Indian 3d Artist Shaheen Sheriff is made entirely with opensource software like Blender, Kitra, Gimp, etc. Grease Pencil has been recently enhanced with the release 2.8 of Blender.

    Interview with the young CG Artist Pietro Chiovaro

    Pietro Chiovaro a young 3D Artist from Palermo, Italy. He has always been a movie lover and videogames enthusiast. In the past years, he has been focusing his studies on the development and creation of assets, characters and environments. To offer a complete set of skills, he has also developed his competences.

    FaceBuilder for Blender

    FaceBuilder for Blender

    From KeenTools the kick off an open beta for FaceBuilder for Blender! In essence, FaceBuilder is an easy-to-use and handy tool for face likeness sculpting based on several photos. It doesn’t need any additional hardware, produces clean topology and it’s already battle proved in Nuke. UI and UX as convenient and native for Blender…

    Me, a Monster?

    Me A Monster Short Movie in Blender 3D

    “Me a monster?” is a 3D short film by Most Wanted Studio and made entirely in Blender 3D. It’s the story of Nono, the only inhabitant of planet Pano.
    Nono is the only inhabitant of planet Pano. Despite not having any company, he lives a quiet and peaceful life on his planet. He loves taking care of his vegetable garden…

    Interview with an Italian 3D Artist

    Interviewing Dory

    Doriana Pompili is a 3D modeler-animator freelance and co-founder plus Graphic Designer of the blog Mellow Animazione. She is interested in animation in all its forms, from stop-motion to 3D animation.
    She loves to create characters…

    Why the NEW Blender 2.8 is a BIG DEAL

    6 reasons why Andrew Price thinks this new blend of 2.8 is such a game-changer for the industry. Watch the video of Andrew.
    Embedded you can find the video of Andrew made for his channel BlenderGuru…

    Blender 2.80 release

    Blender 2.80 is officially available for download! The new physically based real-time renderer Eevee is fantastic.

    Komikaze Shaders

    Komikaze is a collection of Materials, Effects Shaders for Blender 3D, Demos and general assets for all Comic and Toon needs. Works with Blender 2.8 EEVEE

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