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Sebastian Murrer Berlin 3D artist

Sebastian Murrer, a Berlin based motion & 3D-designer, created a personal project using the blender osm-addon. 

Berlin sebastian murrer blender 3D

In his freetime he experiments with Blender 3D and its endless opportunities to express creativity and simply having fun.

With the osm-addon it is possible to import and edit open source streetmap-data. 

sebastian murrer blender 3D

Building height and number of floors are used to create the final scene.

sebastian murrer blender 3D -Berlin Germany Map

By living in Berlin he chose, of course, berlin-map-data and created a stylized berlin-map with several view-angles.

sebastian murrer blender 3D - gradient texture buildings

For the buildings-material he used a gradient/ramp color, which is using the z-value of the objects, so the color depends on the height of a building.

Blerlin blender 3D
Berlin - blender 3D

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sebastian murrer blender 3D

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