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Mixing Blender and Maya in the animation studio workflow

Trailer of Tracks, the new short movie made (also) in Blender

Armchair Productions is an Australian, Sydney-based, Award Winning Animation and Content Studio helping businesses communicate their story to the world. We create animation for Television Commercials, Explainer Videos, Government Agencies, Training and more

Why such a mix workflow for this short?

Each year we try and make at least one short, creating it between paid work. The films serve as a testing ground for new techniques, software and plug ins. This is the fruits of this years labour.   

This project started when and our TD wrote a plug in for doing 3D smears in Maya, and we wanted to test our new Blender and Maya pipeline. The project used Blender for Modelling and UV’s and Maya for animation. This was exported back to Blender for texturing and rendering in Eevee. We love to mix 3D with 2D to create a hybrid look and this project is no exception. We’re currently looking into Grease Pencil for future projects.  In this animation we wanted to really push what we could do with smears and a dance scene seemed the best opportunity to do so. We also wanted to add some emotion to it so it’s essentially a love story formed over an appreciation of beats. It also looks back to a simpler time when travelling on public transport wasn’t a dangerous activity. 

Tracks is coming out in the next few weeks. Follow them on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook for updates.


  • Studio: Armchair Productions
  • Director and Producer: Stefan Wernik twitter.com/StefanWernik
  • Animator,Compositing and Rigger: Arthur Collie
  • Backgrounds, lighting and additional design: Deanna Hewitt
  • Character Designer: Alexander Watson
  • Character modelling: Tristan Lock


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