6 reasons why Andrew Price thinks this new blend of 2.8 is such a game-changer for the industry.

Embedded you can find the video of Andrew made for his channel BlenderGuru, enjoy it and/or read some of the key-points of touched by Andrew.

1) It’s easy to use: 

  • it’s also less reliant on hotkeys by default meaning that there is a toolbar with recognizable icons
  • there’s also a viewport gizmo in the top right hand corner which besides being really helpful
  • there’s also Mouse tips along the bottom bar
  • one of the most exciting things is are these workspace tabs along the top there which when you click on them it will rearrange the layout into the most optimal space for that task

2) it’s real-time: 

  • One of the most exciting features of blender 2.8 is of course the Eevee real-time rendering engine
  • Big advantage is that it’s built right into a fully functioning 3d software 
  • You can do your editing your sculpting texture painting in real time 
  • While you’re building a scene you can make decisions faster in a real time environment
  • You can switch between Eevee and Cycles and there cross-compatible which is absolutely awesome all your shaders are the same

3) A powerful viewports: 

  • One of the most exciting features of blender 2.8 is of course the Eevee
  • Blender 2.8  has (probably) one of the most powerful viewports out of any 3d software
  • Blender rewrote the entire viewport to make it better for artists
  • you’ve got all the settings you would ever need
  • you’ve got all the different shading types
  • Usual settings like ambient occlusion, depth of field shadows
  • A new x-ray mode
  • A quick press enable/disable overlays
  • A look dev mode to turn on all your materials and then light it with some built-in HDR eyes which makes handy just to preview materials before the final render

4) It’s going PRO: 

  • The Filmic color space which offers a superior dynamic range
  • A proper layer system in the form of collections
  • You can edit multiple objects at the same time
  • You can also pose multiple rigs at the same time  
  • There’s quick faves
  • Cryptomatte* (to create masks for specified objects)

* (whatch the CGBoost’s video)

5)  It’s more realistic: 

  • Cycles rendering engine improved
  • It got IES support for lighting
  • A principled Hair shader
  • A principled Volume shader
  • A Bevel shader
  • An Ambient occlusion node
  • Vector displacement node
  • 70 to 100% faster

6) It does 2D: 

  • A fully functioning 2d animation editor
  • Onion skinning framing layers
  • Sketch out your ideas in 3d before you built it