Blender freelance and lecturer in a College

von-kagaoan-combinedcolour - Blender 3D artist interview with a Lecturer at Yoobee Colleges

This is another of our interviews. This time we are with Von Kagaoan from New Zealand. A Blender freelance and lecturer in a College. Von has been using both Blender and Maya. We have approached him for his characters and animations with a cartoonish style, and we have been intrigued by his one minutes time-lapses on Instagram. Von has a Bachelor’s Degree in Digital Design. You are a freelance. Tell …

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A new era of 3D artists on the horizon

William Landgren Blender 3D

As written on his Instagram profile, William Landgren is 13 years old from Stockholm. This fact wouldn’t be so exceptional, but William has realised a fantastic animation in Blender that many of us are still dreaming of doing. But he didn’t stop just there. He created a tutorial on Youtube, where William teaches all of us how to do it. So, amazed and curious, we ask some…

When Geology met Blender 3D

Lina Jakaite - zals kalniuks

Today we interview Lina Jakaité. A geologist from Gargzdai in Lithuania, who loves also 3D geological modelling and all that is associated with it, maps, cross-sections, interpretations…!
During her geology studies she was more of a carbonate rocks person, then she spent a few years working in quaternary geology (whatever this means).