3D.DIVAS – Women in 3D Art

3D.DIVAS – Women in 3D Art - Blender users

I was invited by the 3D Blendered Magazine to answer a few questions about the 3D.Divas, an Instagram account that I created in October 2020. My main goal with this project is to empower and put the spotlight on some of the many incredible female 3D Artists around the globe.  HOW IT STARTED? I am a female 3D Artist and I have worked in the film industry for many years …

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Art Direction for Hollywood movies using Blender


Jonathan Opgenhaffen is an experienced Art Director at Framestore, in London, with experience in design supervision (pre and post production), concept art, and visual effects. Skilled as both a creative supervisor, concept designer, and technical artist. Jonathan has worked for 15 years in companies such as Double Negative, Rainmaker London, Indestructible Production etc. Now, he works as Art Director at Framestore, well known for visual effects, creating extraordinary images and …

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Choosing Blender 3D for study projects


INTERVIEWS: Saiyam Marwah, an animation student at the National Institute of Design, in India: Saiyam: Hello! My name is Saiyam Marwah. I have always had an inclination to art and animation from a young age and have worked on both live action and animated short films. I am an animation student at the National Institute of Design, in India. I am currently working on my graduation film. I was always intimidated …

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Sebastian Murrer Berlin 3D artist

sebastian murrer blender 3D

Sebastian Murrer, a Berlin based motion & 3D-designer, created a personal project using the blender osm-addon.  In his freetime he experiments with Blender 3D and its endless opportunities to express creativity and simply having fun. With the osm-addon it is possible to import and edit open source streetmap-data.  Building height and number of floors are used to create the final scene. By living in Berlin he chose, of course, berlin-map-data …

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Assistant professor addicted to digital characters and Blender 3D

Igor Kekeljevic Keki - Blender 3D Artist

My name is Igor Kekeljevic Keki and I’m an assistant professor at the Engineering Animation Studies, at the Faculty of Technical Sciences in Serbia, where I’m teaching future engineers of computer graphics how to use 3ds Max, After Effects, Photoshop, ZBrush and other commercial tools. But it’s interesting that I’m best known as a Blender addict who does digital characters. My start with Blender  I used almost every 3d software …

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Digitization of cultural heritage in Blender

Maria Grazia Di Giovannantonio - Blender 3d - 3D digital reconstruction architectural

My name is Maria Grazia Di Giovannantonio. I studied architecture at the Federico II University of Naples, in Italy, and then I attended the “MI-HERITAGE” (Multimedia Interactive Heritage) master at the Iuav in Venice. Thanks to this master I have approached the issues around the digitization of cultural heritage and its digital reconstruction. Later I had a very important experience at a film production company that also works in the …

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3D-animated adventure TV series in Blender

SkyFarm Company - Duncan's Flying Tugboat - Blender 3D animation TV series - render_Kitchen

The SkyFarm Company is a small team of creators developing original, cross-platform entertainment properties for children between the ages of 3 and 7. They are currently developing Duncan’s Flying Tugboat, a toyetic 3D-animated adventure-comedy television series for preschoolers made using Blender They launched this project in 2017—just two business partners Dave and Will at first—with zero resources and zero connections to the kids’ entertainment industry. In less than three years they’ve been …

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The Blender Visual Storytelling

Ale Treviño - Aedom - Blender 3D

Alex Treviño AENDOM is a personal project focused on making storytelling artwork and share the process for educational purposes. This project has created compelling images such as the Junk Shop, which is the most recognized illustration of the project, and was the Splash Screen of Blender 2.81 The new project is is the fifth of the series. And for this project was used a concept made by the comic book …

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Sculpting using real clay and Blender for 3D

Carles Mondrià - Xamberga Ar Studi - Blender - 3D - Sculpting - Fallas - Falles

According to his biography, Carles Mondrià (Xamberga Art Studi) is a freelance 2D-3D concept artist, large format sculptor, scenographer, designer of stage machinery for theatres, and painter. Carles has designed and realised some Falles, “Las Fallas” (Gigantic Monuments built in the streets of Valencia, Spain, usually made in materials such as cardboard, wood, paper, clothing and then burnt during Saint Joseph’s feast). Some years ago, he started using Blender to …

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