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The Blender Visual Storytelling

Alex Treviño

AENDOM is a personal project focused on making storytelling artwork and share the process for educational purposes. This project has created compelling images such as the Junk Shop, which is the most recognized illustration of the project, and was the Splash Screen of Blender 2.81

Ale Treviño - Aedom - Blender 3D

The new project is is the fifth of the series. And for this project was used a concept made by the comic book artist Guillaume Singelin as the base to produce the SPACE CADET illustration.His work is strongly inspired by manga artists such as Akira Toriyama and Katsuhiro Otomo, and this is the reason for the Anime style of the concept.

Ale Treviño - Aedom - Blender 3D

This time I was looking to make a character, which exclusively focuses on recreating the upper body. And this character was the perfect fit. Like all the previous projects, this is modeled with Blender, then textured with Substance Painter and then back in Blender to render the final scene with the engine Cycles.

Ale Treviño - Aedom - Blender 3D

This project, like all the previous ones, has a written guide where I expose the workflow I use. Hoping to solve some doubts for the beginner 3D artist.

In this guide, I discuss different subjects, such as:

  • Having edge control when subdividing 
  • Controlling the behaviour of shapes with Edge Flow
  • Avoiding distortion when making the UVs
  • Exporting Substance Painter textures to Blender correctly
  • How to make Topology renders
  • Create masks of specific objects with Cryptomatte.

Besides those concepts, I have made three videos in a timelapse format to show the process in a more agile but less profound way.

This project is available starting on November 9th. To examine the guide, you can go to Alex website. To see the high-resolution images go to Artstation. And the timelapse videos are on my YouTube channel. Also, if you want to download the clay render scene for free go to my Gumroad.

I’m Alex Treviño, a self-taught 3D independent artist, born and raised in Monterrey, Mexico. At this moment, I’m focused on my personal project AENDOM, in which I make 3D artwork tales to share the process for educational purposes. I started learning 3D while studying architecture, and that got me into making architectural visualization. After, I decide to make only storytelling 3D art.

Alex Treviño - Aedom - Blender 3D

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